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Blonde is on the menu tonight and Katy Sky serves up a fiery display of piss proficiency. Before slipping down her faded denim shorts, Katy’s ass is already revealing itself as she preps to piss through them. As she finishes up, she takes a real interest in licking and sucking on the shorts and then begins rubbing them back and forth against her crotch. She’s satisfied herself enough to move on to a red pussy gaping toy, plunging it into herself. It succumbs to her tight body, bending to the will of it’s superior force. She’s ready to pee again, and the toy is pulled out for maximum effectiveness. Impressive is the word that comes to mind here as Katy pushes at a lengthy and solid stream, launching it into the air. It’s start off gently but soon she is pushing it higher and past the surface of the bed. After she spends some time with a striped rubber dildo, she sets up for her next piss. Bent over forward with one hand on her ass, Katy provides us with another visual stunner as the action takes place. After one more encounter with the striped toy Katy simulates a squirting scenario before she finishes off filling up a goblet. She dips her tongue and hand into the glass and dumps it over her body in the end.

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Katy Sky walks in and finds her dad’s best friend Steve Q fixing up her place. She tells him that she is super horny and starts grabbing his cock. He explains that it’s not a good idea since he’s friends with her father! But she tells him to relax and shoves his huge dick her mouth then straight in her ass! She’s never tried anal before, and if you’re going to be naughty might as well be the naughtiest.

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This Christmas afternoon we rode with Jamie who felt really horny and was ready to bang some young ass. We saw a young blonde walking down the road next to a train station so we lured her in. It was pretty hard, she was stubborn she didn’t want to go in but once we offered her some candy, she couldn’t resist. Maybe she had a sweet tooth.

Jamie wanted to know whether she has a sweet pussy, too. But she continued to reject all his attempts to undress her or at least to feel her tits. After a while Wendy had to use her charm and finally made her melt. She grabbed Jamie’s cock and started to suck him
but was really inexperienced so we had to tell her what to do to make his dick hard.

She really had a sweet pussy ? Jamie licked her for a while and confirmed that. When she put his dick in her juicy pussy and rode Jamie, she needed no more advice. She moaned and whined because
despite what she said about having sex every now and then it looked like she was really horny. When Jamie came on her pussy, we gave her a few napkins and threw her out of the car. Ta-da!

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Katy Sky and Lexi Dona are two beautiful slim lingerie-clad babes making out for the camera. Watch as they slowly kiss each and every corner of their smooth sexy skin. They lick and finger each other’s pussies to get ready for the real fisting pleasure. Watch as Lexi Dona slowly lubes and then fists Katy’s stretched asshole. Katy fingers herself while getting fucked in the ass with a fist. Lexi goes harder and harder with her hand, thrusting a bit deeper and trying to leave her blond lesbian lover’s ass gaping wide. Hot.

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Katy Sky is a sexy blonde college babe who entices us by peeing in the bath-tub before having sex. Watch as the camera caresses her body, movingly slowly from her feet to her luscious natural breasts. Don Diego is a lucky guy, and as he kisses her tits and moves down to lick her pussy, she purrs like a cat getting its favorite treat.

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Sexy blonde Katy Sky teases in tiny denim hotpants and a peach coloured floaty top and lifts up her top to show off her perfect tits. She wastes no time in stripping naked and once she has bent over, she touches her juicy pussy with her fingers! After turning over and laying on her back, Katy pushes her puffy peach lips together and then spreads herself apart firstly with her fingers and then with some kitchen tongs. After enjoying some pussy gaping, this gorgeous blonde grabs hold of a black dildo and sucks it like a cock to show off her oral skills. She bends over again and slides her dildo into her pussy, penetrating herself in doggystyle. Her perfect ass looks amazing as we zoom in close! Stunning Katy continues her dildo play as she lays back and massages her clit with her fingers while thrusting her dildo inside herself and makes herself cum really hard. Once she has finished, she does as any good girl should do and cleans her dildo with her mouth, sucking up all of her tasty pussy juices! Quite an amazing debut from this beautiful babe!