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Unfortunately you have to leave Hawaii, but not without a little gift Karly has for you. After you eat out her pussy you fuck her really good. Karly lets you fuck her in the ass again, and the sex gets a little rough, but she loves it that way. O.K you gotta go so it’s time to fill up her pink pussy with cum.

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You’re pleasantly surprised when you wake up to a generous blowjob – Karly’s smile brightens your day too! After you fuck her shaved pussy, Karly wants you to fuck her in the ass. It feels and looks nice filling up her asshole doggy style. Karly gets on her back to take a creampie in her pussy.

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You have a great time at the Maui Ocean Center with Karly. Even though she’s a little tired you end end up taking Karly to the beach, where she takes off her clothes! Her nude body looks perfect. After dinner Karly pees for you in the bathroom. While you let the food settle in you tease her pussy. Karly’s pussy is a little sore from all the fucking, but she said she’ll take care of you in other ways. She strokes your cock and rubs it with her feet. Karly give you a little surprise and lets you cum on her face.

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You follow Karly close behind as you climb rocks and trails that access beautiful black beaches and caves. Of course you get close enough to get a whiff of her sweet pussy and ass. After Karly changes into a bikini in the car you continue to drive and pull over for a handjob. Since there isn’t anyone around Karly hops on over to your side to ride your cock. Everything was going great until a tourist pees not far from the car. Karly promises to continue back at the room, and she certainly comes through with another great handjob.

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You got to play with Karly’s puffies on the road to Hana
Karly is super excited to go to the road to Hana with you. She smiles a lot and loves holding your hand. You stop for some snacks for yourself, and later feed the ducks too. After Karly shoots lots of photos of the waterfalls and beaches you get to play briefly with her pussy and puffies in the car.

ATK Girlfriends / Karly Baker – Virtual Vacation Episode 513 – Hawaii part 4/9 | Thu, 23 Feb 2017 12:12:55 +0000

Karly licks the cum off of her hand
Karly lotions up before you take her snorkeling. She saw lots of little fish, but the best part is watching the vest strap ride up her pussy. After she showers you take Karly on the long drive up to Haleakala volcano, and the poor thing fell asleep on the way back. To give her pussy and asshole a break Karly has decided to give you a handjob instead of fucking. After her oiled up feet tease your cock she grabs it with two hands to make you cum. Karly licks the excess cum from her hands. Now she’s ready to bed before the for the big adventure you have planned for her tomorrow.

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She wakes up ready for her creampie
You wake up Karly, and she’s got her beautiful smile ready for you – she’s also ready for something else! Karly sucks your cock after you eat out her sweet pussy. You stick it in, and since she’s so tight her moans are extra loud. Karly holds on tightly when you fuck her doggy style, and with that beautiful smile she asks for a creampie.